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exploring the art of visual thinking

This is the "meet and mingle" area of the gallery. The plan for this level is to show themed exhibitions featuring works which correlate in some way with individual Blue Box paintings.

If you have an image that you would like to exhibit here, it will be shown with a link to your own website and copyright details.

Equally if you are a web developer who has written code that could display images online in some way that impacts visual thought processes, the same applies - your work would be shown in practice, acknowledged and a link provided.

Or you may be the author of a conceptual or scientific paper which is relevant to this discussion of perception and visual thinking, and again there would be a link to your organization and specific work.

In all cases we'll be mingling while maintaining our individual viewpoints - which is the reason I find using my polysaturated polysynthetic visual brain so interesting and compelling.

To illustrate the process, I'm showing an example on the right of how my eyes have been educated by the work of another artist.

I painted "Beryl's Art-Loving Cheese" in 1994 in Germany partly as a tribute to Paul Klee and all he has taught me about colour and tonal harmony. You can see his work, "Head of a Man", at www.allposters.com

Six years later when living in the Snowdonia National Park in Wales overlooking the Mawddach Estuary I reworked all of his colour values to reflect my new tidal surroundings: Beryl's Art-Loving Cheese Mawddached

You can see an exhibition of children's drawing here:
Facing Up to the BIG DRAW 2004

One of my favourite online galleries at the moment is Red Bull - Art of the Can

If you want to suggest exhibition themes or websites: contact me directly

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